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ROCK of Africa Mission -- Urgent Medical Need
 URGENT NEED: Medical Help for Crocodile Attack Victim
 Crisis, Heroism, Rescue, and Medical Emergency
Summer in Zimbabwe has been unusually hot this year due to lack of rain.
Mpume Tshuma
Fifteen year old Mpume (Mpumelelo) Tshuma and a few of his friends decided to cool off with a quick swim in the Gwayi River. Without swimming pools or even a garden hose to find relief, rivers are the only option to beat the heat.

In Southern Africa, rivers are essential. Fish are a food source, and river water is necessary for drinking, cooking and bathing. It is not an exaggeration to say RIVERS are LIFE in Zimbabwe for people, and the very abundant wildlife. It is not uncommon to see elephants, baboons or even lions drinking from Gwayi River. Even "Cecil the Lion" (the lion famously killed by the US dentist) frequented this very river. Zimbabwe rivers, however are also home to deadly African crocodiles.

That care-free moment in the cool water turned tragic in an instant.

Mpume with MomSixteen year-old Arthur Tshuma turned to see his brother, Mpume, suddenly disappear in a violent thrashing of water. A seven foot crocodile had attacked Mpume and jerked him completely underwater.  Arthur shouted, "CROCODILE!"

For a moment Mpume's hand appeared from the water, and Arthur grabbed it and pulled with all his might. The fight was intense, and Mpume managed to get his head above the water, but almost instantly he was again pulled under.

Crocodiles will frequently drown their prey, holding them underwater to end their fight. Another boy, 17 year-old Challenge Mleya, was killed by a crocodile in this same river less than a month earlier.  Challenge was drowned by the croc and when his body was found, his arm was missing.

Friends Darlington and Lugiansani rushed to help Arthur, and also grabbed Mpume's arm pulling his head above the water a second time. If only they could get help, but there was just no time. Mpume would certainly be dead in a matter of minutes. All they could do was hang on to Mpume's arm and somehow get him out of the water before he was drowned and eaten. In a furious struggle, the boys managed to pull Mpume, with the croc still clamped onto his leg, to the river's edge.

Other boys began pelting the crocodile with rocks until he momentarily loosened his bite and the three boys pulled Mpume free. While this initial crisis was over Mpume's leg was badly mangled and gushing blood. In a fifteen minute hike, the boys carried Mpume to the road to find a ride to the hospital. There are no ambulances here.

Photo of Leg WoundsSt. Luke's Hospital was nearly two hours away and by the time they arrived, Mpume was unconscious from loss of blood. Few thought Mpume could survive and if he did, he would certainly lose his leg. After many transfusions and treating the wounds, Mpume was stabilized and able to be transferred to Mpilo General Hospital in Bulawayo.

Miraculously, Mpume is rallying and gaining strength, but damage to his leg is significant.  Now there is another deadly enemy.  Infection is joining the fight to TAKE HIS LIFE or his leg.

Without the heroic efforts of his brother Arthur, and friends Darlington and Lugiansani, Mpume would certainly be dead. Had this happened in America, their names and photos would be splashed across television screens around the world. Their heroism would be recognized and celebrated. Had this happened in America, Mpume's chances would be far better. America has the finest medical resources in the world and medical insurance would cover the expense.

Jasper with MpumeBUT, this is Zimbabwe there is no medical insurance and the medical facilities are barely adequate.  Every pint of blood must be purchased, then administered. Every dose of medicine must be purchased, then administered. The miracle of Mpume's survival could still end in tragedy without necessary financial resources.

Arthur, Darlington and Lugiansani may be rather ordinary African boys, but by responding to Mpume's desperate situation, they became HEROES.  

Now ordinary people are responding so Mpume can receive vitally important medical treatment.  This could be as important to saving Mpume's life as fighting a crocodile. 

Please join Mpume's Medical Expense Support Team.  This is a time for heroes.  Mpume NEEDS YOUR HELP.

I thank you.  Mpume and his family thank you.  YOU are delivering HOPE to Mpume and his family...and to Africa.
Glen Megill
V. Glen Megill

President, ROCK of Africa Mission

PS. Remember ROCK of Africa Mission is an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization.  We pay NO salaries.

Donations can be mailed to: ROCK of Africa, PO BOX 5000, Costa Mesa, CA 92628 

ROCK of Africa Mission is a relief outreach of the World Bible Society a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
"Sympathy is no substitute for action." - Dr. David Livingstone