ROCK of Africa  |  Water well urgently needed at Gwayi River

According to UN statistics, Zimbabwe and Zambia are among five countries that make up 95% of Cholera cases and 97% of all cholera deaths in Africa. The 2024 outbreak has over 26,000 cases reported in Zimbabwe, resulting in almost 600 deaths. Clean, pure water is the prevention and new water wells are the solution.

ROCK of Africa Mission works in very primitive villages. These are communities without electricity or running water. Clean water is a problem in these communities. All water is carried from a water source, such as a stream or pond. With cholera outbreaks from contaminated water a perennial problem, clean water is a literally matter of life and death. One well, with clean water, means survival to many families.

Water being collected from a stream. 

Sympathy is no substitute for action." — Dr. David Livingstone, pioneer missionary to Africa

Water well need at Gwayi River Mission Base 

A seven-acre property has been secured for a ROCK of Africa mission base at the village of Gwayi River, Zimbabwe. Although the property is on the Gwayi River, a clean and safe water source in very needed. Water secured from the river comes with a real risk. Contaminated water causes illness and disease, but even securing the water involves risk. Crocodiles kill or injure many people simply trying to get water. 

A crocodile  in Gwayi River attacked this boy.A crocodile in Gwayi River attached this boy.

This 15 year-old boy was nearly killed by a crocodile in Gwayi River, but was fortunately rescued by his friends. Sadly, he eventually lost his leg and now uses a prosthetic leg.

More information on this crocodile attack here:

A well is needed for the mission base and local people of the village. Local villagers are currently using the property for a water source as water collects on the property and it borders the river. A new well on this property will benefit many families.

A clean water source means life to rural villages in Zimbabwe.

It takes two tough American men to carry less water than one woman carries -- while carrying her baby on her back! 

It takes two men to carry water.One slight woman can carry more water (while carrying a baby on her back) than two strong American men.

African women are amazing.

Please consider helping ROCK of Africa Mission in construction of this urgently needed water source.