• CROCODILE ATTACK victim, Mpume Tshuma.

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"Sympathy is no substitute for action."
- Dr. David Livingstone, pioneer missionary to Africa

Dennis Prager on ROCK of Africa

ROCK in a Hard Place

ROCK of AfricaROCK of Africa is an all volunteer organization dedicated to helping the disadvantaged in Africa. Based in the region of southern central  Africa, ROCK of Africa is promoting self reliance and hard work to lead people through most difficult circumstances.

ROCK of Africa is delivering HOPE to an area of great NEED, great BEAUTY and great PEOPLE.

URGENT NEED:  Water well needed in Gwayi River.
According to UN statistics, Zimbabwe and Zambia are among five countries that make up 95% of Cholera cases and 97% of cholera deaths. So far in the 2024 outbreak 26,000 cases have been reported in Zimbabwe, resulting in almost 600 deaths. Clean, pure water is the prevention and new water wells are the solution.